About Cure CP

Cure CP is a non-profit organization (501c3) committed to funding the support of Cerebral Palsy research.

We will accomplish our mission by undertaking and supporting initiatives at research institutions that focus on developing new therapeutic methodologies for the treatment of CP. Cure CP was founded by two families who want to see a better life and future for their children with Cerebral Palsy.

Meet the Founders


Lizette Dunay

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director, Cure CP

Lizette is co-founder of Cure CP. She is a graduate of University of Florida where she got her B.A. in Economics and a minor in Spanish. For the past twelve years Lizette has worked in the medical and biologics field in a sales and business development capacity. For the past five years her career has focused on the area of regenerative medicine.

Lizette has always been very philanthropic and active in many different charities. Her belief in the science of regenerative medicine coupled with a desire to make life easier for her son and others with Cerebral Palsy is what drove her to start Cure CP. Lizette lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two children.


Dave Dunay

Co-Founder & Senior Sales Director, CoStar Group

Dave is co-founder of Cure CP. A native Floridian, He is a graduate of both the Georgia Institute of Technology (MS) and the University of Florida (BA). For the past fifteen years Dave has worked in the commercial real estate information and software industries, with a focus on finance and retail.

Dave has been active in the community and has served on several neighborhood associations in the Atlanta area. He sought to help start Lets Cure CP due to his son’s diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. He has a deep desire and passion to help other families in the hope of having a better tomorrow for their children and loved ones living with CP.


Maurie Drambel

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director, Cure CP

Maurie Drambel graduated with a BS degree in English from University of Georgia. She started her career in marketing and advanced to an Executive Assistant for a Major Corporate travel corporation. She currently holds the most difficult position of her career, raising three beautiful children, including John Drambel.

Maurie is a co-founder of Cure CP. She is excited to help in the cause to helping children with CP improve their quality of life, so that other mothers of CP children will not spend the majority of their day planning their child’s next doctor appointment, surgery, PT, OT and Speech appointment.


Ed Drambel

VP Sales, ACLS President / CEO Emerging Medical Technologies

Ed has been selling implantable medical devices since 1992. In 2004, Ed founded Emerging Medical Technologies and is the sole owner. Ed has been working with clinical studies in the medical field since 2006. Ed has a BS in Marketing from Penn State University. He is the father of three children, Will, Katie and John and husband to Maurie Drambel since 1999. In 2004, his twins were born and his life took on a new meaning. John was diagnosed with multiple acute micro infarcts in various parts of his brain due to apnea and bradycardia. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with CP.

Ed’s strong background in medical sales started back to 1991 with Biotronik, Inc. (pacemakers and defibrillators), where he is a current independent distributor for Biotronik as well as Medicomp Event Recorders. He has grown the Atlanta, Georgia market from $0 sales in 1991 to multiple millions on an annual basis. Ed’s journey is not only helping his child overcome Cerebral Palsy, but also help the other 800,000 people in the US who battle this on a daily basis.

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